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all about |ezurl}

all about |ezurl}

Wednesday 30 April 2003 10:56:28 am - 5 replies

Hi men,

so i don't understand ezurl, how it work ?

i don't want to see that:

i want only that:

how or where i can get instruction about it ?

thanks all,

Wednesday 30 April 2003 11:04:37 am


I don't think what you want is possible, you can turn on 'nice' urls' (like on the site) but not item number only.
Maybe you could rewite the 'nice' url mapper to use the item number instead of the title of the document. This would require some coding though.

In 3.1 url mapping will be available, so that might help a little as well.


Wednesday 30 April 2003 1:34:06 pm

Are there any tutorial on how to set up the system with nice urls? Don't find any doc. on it.

Not so very easy to find it out by oneself happy.gif Emoticon

Best regard and have a nice day!

Wednesday 30 April 2003 1:43:54 pm

Take a look here it should help.


Wednesday 30 April 2003 1:49:50 pm

I have an article for this in the queue. Basically you need to (I suppose you also want to get rid of the index.php in the URL):

- Have virtual hosts setup with the rewrite rules

- change all links in the templates (pagelayout_*.tpl and specials like sitemap ....) to use $node.url_alias ($node can be something else in loops)

- replace the ezurl operator into ezroot everywhere in these templates

See the docs on operators for more. The demo that comes with the installation is universal for VH and NVH setups.


Wednesday 30 April 2003 2:04:04 pm

so some one tell me, step by step how to create nice url
and what can i do with this file:

and some files in /update.



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