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Anyone using aiCache with eZ Publish?

Anyone using aiCache with eZ Publish?

Saturday 05 December 2009 6:06:25 am - 2 replies

I came across an interesting Web accelerator (server-side) called aiCache. Their website is naturally at They make some very impressive claims. Their product seems to be in the general space of Varnish and the other reverse proxy cache solutions.

I am curious if anyone here has used aiCache with eZ Publish. What have your experiences been? Do the two fit well together?

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Thursday 11 February 2010 4:47:54 pm

We usually use Varnish as reverse proxy...

Thursday 11 February 2010 5:05:21 pm

When I wrote the original message, I was considering aiCache. I'm using Varnish right now, but have issues with caching of pages that should not be cached. Do you mind posting the VCL files you use? I have already seen the other documentation on using Varnish with eZ Publish, and tried to cobble something together that worked for our site. But as mentioned before, some pages that should not be cached are getting cached.


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