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Bug in limiting results from fetching tree?

Bug in limiting results from fetching tree?

Thursday 08 September 2005 2:30:48 pm - 2 replies


I have a code like this:

{def $bilder=fetch(content,tree,hash(parent_node_id,77, class_filter_type,include,class_filter_array,array('picture')),
limit,6, sort_by,array('published',false()))}

to loop through a content tree of pictures. The fetch should only get the 6 most recent additions, but instead it returns all! Is this a bug?

BTW: node-id 77 is the topnode of the tree.

Modified on Thursday 08 September 2005 2:38:26 pm by Kjell Inge Sandvik

Thursday 08 September 2005 3:05:07 pm

I think there's a mistake in your template code. You've closed the hash with the parameters after array('picture'), but limit and sort_by should be keys inside the hash.

This is the right code:

{def $bilder=fetch(content,tree,hash(parent_node_id,77, class_filter_type,include,class_filter_array,array('picture'),
limit,6, sort_by,array('published',false())))}

Thursday 08 September 2005 3:29:42 pm

Ah of course! Thank you! My eyes did not notice that one happy.gif Emoticon


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