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Cache doesn't refresh after content publish

Cache doesn't refresh after content publish

Tuesday 20 July 2010 2:11:58 pm - 2 replies


I am having a cache problem on my ezp 4.2.

When i publish/modify contents in the backoffice it doesn't refresh the cache on front siteaccess.

Can someone help me about this ?

Is it related to "RelatedSiteAccessList" (to link admin & front) or not ?

Tuesday 20 July 2010 3:56:37 pm

Yes, ViewCache clearing is indeed related to these settings. If you only have one database for the whole eZ Publish instance, you can set this directive in the global override file, and it should contain all your siteaccesses.

Keep in mind that ViewCache clearing also depends on how you have configured Smart cache in viewcache.ini.

Monday 06 December 2010 1:28:42 pm

Hello Bertrand,

I have to thank you - a few month later - for your answer but i still can't make this work.

I really don't understand as i always had this feature on my previouses 3.9 ezp installs. Now with 4.2 it doesn't work anymore.

I've setup the RelatedSiteAccessList for every sites but it still doesn't clear front cache when editing in admin.

My only directive in viewcache.ini.append.php is : SmartCacheClear=enabled

But even if i remove the whole file it doesn't change anything.

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