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Can not get forgot password functionality to work in Ez 3-3.2?

Can not get forgot password functionality to work in Ez 3-3.2?

Tuesday 03 February 2004 1:23:42 pm - 2 replies


I am trying to get the forgot password functionality to work. However, I am unable to get it to work, when clicking the link I always get:

You don't have permission to access this area.

hmm anyone know what I am doing wrong here?

UPDATE: I changed my role for anonymous user to:
user password *

But what does it acutally mean? I do not find it very initutive?

Modified on Tuesday 03 February 2004 1:45:18 pm by Tore Skobba

Tuesday 03 February 2004 2:00:58 pm

Hi Tore,
I think the thing is that the system logs you in as the anonymous user, and to read from the role-tables again, you have to log in with another user and then log that user out again so that the anonymous user role settings will be loaded. I've had the same problems, and its a little weird, but it works.

And I agree, the user-role gui...its not very intuitive, and not even documented I believe...*sigh*


Modified on Tuesday 03 February 2004 2:04:29 pm by Claus Jensen

Tuesday 03 February 2004 2:21:29 pm

You might also want to add forgotpassword to the omit list in site.ini.




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