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Can't log out

Can't log out

Tuesday 25 November 2003 4:05:35 pm - 2 replies

Im using v 3.2-3 and I cant logout. I have searched the forum and found similar problems, but none with answer to my problem.

Im using the regular /user/logout as the target like this: <a href={"/user/logout/"|ezurl}>Logg ut</A>
It used to work, but not anymore. Is it something with this new version? I run another site using 3.2-1 on the same machine and it works.
The page was earlier using cache-blocks but not anymore. It still shows that the user is logged in. My php version is 4.2.2. Anybody has this problem or solution?

Oh by the way, the only thing that helps is shutting the browser down.


Modified on Tuesday 25 November 2003 4:08:49 pm by Claus Jensen

Tuesday 25 November 2003 4:20:33 pm

Look here:

It looks like the same problem I had with php 4.2.3.
I hope this helps.


Wednesday 26 November 2003 9:39:24 am

Thanks Vincent ,
My version was 3.2-3 and in this file this line was commented out. I uncommented this line and now it works. Sometimes I wonder what the developers of ezsystems is thinking and what the development routines are like. There was no comment to why this line has been uncommented, and it cant have been tested thoroughly either.



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