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Can't modify media size (width & height)

Can't modify media size (width & height)

Wednesday 29 March 2006 8:19:31 pm - 1 reply

I have this problem since month, on different EZP version starting from 3.6

I can't modify the width and height in a media attribute 'Media' of a class.

A consequence of this : I can't modify size for flash, quicktime...etc

Is this a normal behavior ? Is this a bug ? Is this a bug on my install ?

Thanx in advance


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Wednesday 14 February 2007 1:54:57 pm

This is a Bug in 3.6.3
If it is to difficult to update to 3.6.11 -> download 3.6.11 -> extract to a privat directory

copy /kernel/classes/datatypes/ezmedia/ezmediatype.php from 3.6.11 to your 3.6.3 version.


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