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Changes in static cache setup (with multiple site accesses)?

Changes in static cache setup (with multiple site accesses)?

Monday 07 November 2011 2:23:12 pm

currently im working with 4.4.0.

now i have some problems generating the right folder structure of the static cache files.

i have no problems in generating the files nor with the htaccess rewrites.

i was used make global setups in the override setting, and site specific settings in the siteaccess setting like storagedir and cachedurlarray.

it seems that these siteaccess settings arent recognized anymore, i have to put these settings now in the global override (im talking about the staticcache.ini).

the problem then is, that it generates foldernames for each language (except in the siteaccess of the default language)




did i get something wrong? 

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