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Character in date format - wrong codpage

Character in date format - wrong codpage

Wednesday 08 September 2004 2:38:11 am - 1 reply

When showing published dates, month's textually are showing in other codepage then content of whole page. Content of whole page is showing in iso-8859-2.

The problem is that one character in name of the month on my language doesn't exists in iso-8859-1 codepage.

In local regional settings file code page is set to iso-8859-2.

There are my settings:
# The preferred charset
# A list of charset this locale is allowed to use
# Microsoft variants of iso-8859-*, has extra characters
# IBM charsets

How can i change showing the date from iso-8859-1 to iso-8859-2.


Thursday 09 September 2004 6:12:17 pm

Switch to UTF-8 and get rid of all these codepage-trouble. Read this article in order to find out what you have to do:


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