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Checkbox/enum as info-collector

Checkbox/enum as info-collector

Tuesday 22 July 2003 5:09:21 pm - 1 reply

I've created a couple of mailforms earlier without problems, but this time I'm in need of some checkboxes in my mailform.

I was mighty surprised to find out this isn't supported by EZp, but after searching the forums, at least I found out how to create the checkboxes.


{let test=$node.data_map.cb}

{section name=Radio loop=array('value 1','Value 2')}
<input type="checkbox" name="ContentObjectAttribute_ezstring_data_text_{$}" value="{$:item}">{$:item}</input>

My identifier for the enum field is cb, but this {let} doesn't have any function whatsoever. The section creates the checkboxes and all, but I can't get any information sent from them.

Anyone has an idea of how to use checkboxes in a mailform?

Regards Bjørn

Wednesday 23 July 2003 9:53:07 am

Well, this was solved in a rather ugly manner, but here we go..

I wrote an override for the node who was supposed to contain the mailform, and used an <iframe> to display an asp form from a w2k server... This works, but of course it would be preferred to have all functionality within EZ...

Regards Bjørn


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