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classes in new sections

classes in new sections

Monday 14 November 2011 2:16:05 am - 3 replies


I created a new section on my page called sub-footer. This was created with a file named page_sub_footer.tpl which is called in the file pagelayout.tpl. This area appears between the mainarea and the footer area. Now I want to add a class to the sub-footer area, but in the backend I can only edit the main area.

How can I add content to the sub footer from the backend? I want to add a feedback class to this new area.

Thank you for your help.

Monday 14 November 2011 2:34:39 am

Hello Ricardo,

Welcome to the eZ Community!

I'm not certain I understood you 100% clearly.


I think your wanting to modify the content class of the content object in question to add another attribute with which to store additional content (for the page display). Which you can do by editing the class in question in the admin class editor uri, /setup/classes


If your actually looking to add html classes to your content sadly this is not usually supported from within xml block attribute content. But you can modify your templates to use any html you desire.


Alternatively if I've missed entierly what you are trying to do please feel free to say so.


Now that I think about it a bit more it sounds more like you may want to add content class content to an area outside the module results content (page body content), this is sadly not quite as simple as you would prolly need to store the content in a separate content object which you call from within your footer template.


I hope this helps ..




Monday 14 November 2011 2:55:35 am

Hi Heat.

Thank you for your reply. I actualy want to add a form to the sub-footer area created. Can I construct that form editing the html file? If so, how can I obtain the collected information?

The ideal was to add that form directly from the backend in order to have translations.

Monday 14 November 2011 4:16:48 am

Hello Ricardo,

No worries, we are hear to help.


I believe the default content module's information collection system is available only when viewing a node / object which class specifies part of the content object to collect information for specific attributes.


Since the part of the page your seemingly trying customize might be outside the module result output this might make your current requirements troublesome to implement.  


Could I suggest linking from your footer content to a custom object with class 'feadback form' attribute configuration to include information collection. This is best as it allows you to fully use the information collection system as it was designed (re: your comment regarding content node translations).


Alternatively with more development I would imagine you could simply create a custom template code which produces the expected form input fields and values (with a plain old js/html form) which submits directly to the /content/collectinformation module view which stores the feedback in some way as a collected information object record.


I hope this helps ..





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