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Clickable path lacks node id in it's links.

Clickable path lacks node id in it's links.

Monday 21 July 2003 2:37:33 pm - 3 replies

Any of you guys had trouble with clickable paths on your ez webpages? Example: /Front page/News/Sports/

I have this code snippet in my pagelayout_mydesign.tpl-file to give me a clickable path at the top of the pages. It displays current path just fine, but when clicked on it returns "Unavailable The object is not available.".

Seems like the node number isn't included in the call generated by clicks on the path

{section name=Path loop=$module_result.path offset=2}
{section show=$Path:item.url}
<a class="path" href="{concat($Path:item.url, "/"blunk.gif Emoticon|ezurl}">{$Path:item.text|wash}</a>

Monday 21 July 2003 3:38:15 pm

Try to write {$Path:item.url} inside your sections, but outside your concat, to see if you get a correct value. If not, you've got your problem there...

Regards Bjørn

Monday 21 July 2003 4:06:12 pm

Yes, I get the right value outside {concat but it seems to be the |ezurl which strip the node-number from my urls.

{$Path:item.url} generates /content/view/full/117

..but inside the concat this is what I get:

Not quite sure how to fix this though, but I noticed this thread. Maybe the same problem:

Modified on Monday 21 July 2003 4:07:58 pm by Valentin Svelland

Wednesday 24 September 2003 2:28:29 am

Try removing the "quotes" on your href:
<a href={concat($Path:item.url,"/"|ezurl)}>

That worked for me.


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