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Contactform as Parent Node and subnavigation on left menu!

Contactform as Parent Node and subnavigation on left menu!

Monday 05 December 2011 9:41:20 am - 3 replies

Hello community,

i have a new content class named contactform and i do this wiht the tutorial  how to build forms! If i use a folder template then all child folder of  the parent node are displaying in the left sub menu navigation! No i want to have the contactform as parent node und as childs i want to display folders, but this folders doesn't display in the left menu! Hope i could explain what my problem is.
I want to display the conactform like folder in the menu structure.

can see it here: WEBSITE

I have attached in screenshot of my content structure on backend:

Hope somebody can help me with this issue.


Modified on Monday 05 December 2011 9:49:33 am by phil saelzer

Monday 05 December 2011 4:34:01 pm

Hello Phil,

it looks to me like you already resolved this yourself. If that is not the case, do post again and I'm sure we'll resolve it together happy.gif Emoticon

Monday 05 December 2011 4:40:54 pm

yes i solved it in backend with sorting! Thank you

Monday 05 December 2011 4:58:34 pm

Great! happy.gif Emoticon


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