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Converting Existing Site to EZpublish CMS

Converting Existing Site to EZpublish CMS

Monday 12 May 2003 6:10:50 pm - 1 reply


I'm wondering if someone could point me to the best existing documentation that describes a good procedure for converting an existing static (hard-coded) web page to an EZ publish one.

I think that from the documentation, I have some idea of how the template language works. Also, how the directory structure works is starting to become clear. I was just wondering if there were any examples of how to walk through the entire project of moving some static html files into a dynamic EZpublish framework.


Monday 16 June 2003 11:32:36 am


I discovered ezPublish recently and, after some headache, I'm starrting to appreciate it. I am working on a little application in delphi that would take a site URL and make a tree structure of the pages. Is there anu documentation on ho to popolate the table in ezPublish? I would extend this application to create the structure of the site based on the site tree.




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