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Could not insert blank in the online editor???

Could not insert blank in the online editor???

Tuesday 13 January 2009 9:35:01 am - 3 replies

Hi all,

I have a strange problem. When I'm in the admin section, edit some page, i found that i could not input any blanks in the online editor. When I stored the draft, ez cut off all the blanks. The same problem exist when inputing "Enter".

But if the content is pasted from MS-WORD, it works.
Is anybody could tell me a solution ? Or i just need to modify some tags in ini settings for online editor?

Tuesday 13 January 2009 9:53:23 am

I checked the ini setting, and found following settings:


It solved the "blank" problem, then what about the "enter"?

Tuesday 13 January 2009 1:22:42 pm



Wednesday 14 January 2009 9:16:41 am

3Q, I got it.


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