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Create a template for a new class

Create a template for a new class

Monday 03 October 2011 1:20:11 pm - 3 replies

Hi there,

I created an extension for my website design and it works untill I override existing templates (as pagelayout.tpl for exemple).

But now I created a class called "projet" and I would like to create a template for it.

So, in my extension settings I created an override.ini.append.php like this :

<?php /* #?ini charset="utf-8"?
*/ ?>

And I created a template : extension/martindamien/design/martindamien/templates/full/projet.tpl

But eZ don't load anything (the module_result seems to be empty).

Any idea please ?

Monday 03 October 2011 1:24:28 pm


i think, you muss to place the template in this folder:



Monday 03 October 2011 1:27:28 pm

Hi Damien !

Your path template does not seems good.

It must be extension/martindamien/design/martindamien/override/templates/full/projet.tpl

See you,


Monday 03 October 2011 1:33:46 pm

Thank you very much guys !

I'm now able to create a website with eZ 4.5 (I was stucked with eZ 4.2 since the new admin without design tab).

Have a nice day happy.gif Emoticon


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