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Creating a Portal: Personalization ?

Creating a Portal: Personalization ?

Friday 02 May 2003 10:36:43 pm - 10 replies


ez's Marketing shows off, that ez3 is a solution for creating ie. portals.
For me, personalization is a crucial request for any portal.

What can we do with ez3 about personalization.

I would _at least_ need something like this:
The portal offers various content objects (nodes). Any registered user must be able to create some kind of "personal homepage", where all of his (personal) favorites are listed.
A favorite could be a simple link inside the ez3 system or a list of "news" of a given folder (headlines).
Call this "my ez" and you're done.
And of course, the user must be able to select and arrange his favorites by himself with a nice web GUI.
The first-time items (favorites) should be created, depening on the users roles (copied from some kind of template, which is manageable by the admin).
Some of the items should be "read-only". This means, that the user cannot remove them, they can only be assigned (and changed) by the admin.

What of this is can be done in ez3 at the moment?

Concerning "personal", I just saw the collaboration system, which seems to be made for the admin site / authors&editors.

I hope, you understand, what I mean blunk.gif Emoticon

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Saturday 03 May 2003 4:51:14 pm

I think you could create a folder for each user and link each node he likes to have for his personalized frontpage into that node. However, I currently can't say how you'd go about letting the user add stuff to his node, from what I can tell, only "editors" can link nodes into other places than they currently are.

Then again, I think it wouldn't take very much code to let users do what you want.

Saturday 03 May 2003 11:55:15 pm

"My ez" is on our todo list for the coming months, albeit in a simple form (user can select predefined entities, not in general any node or part of the tree).

What we basically miss is a mechanism in ez publish to store user preferences in general.

The inner plan for now is to use the related objects which can be attached to the users objects (so we can re-use related objects functionality to assemble "my ez"blunk.gif Emoticon. Part of the code is already there.

Whatever comes out will be published here


Sunday 04 May 2003 11:16:31 pm

Nice to read the info from Paul.
BTW: Are you at ezSystems? You contribute a lot, but I don't see the ez Logo blunk.gif Emoticon

Paul, if/when you need testers for that, let me know.

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Monday 05 May 2003 4:09:41 pm


I'm a customer of ez systems. Myself and a small team in my organisation is working on some extra functionality. The non-specific developments will be released to the ez community as we wellcome enhancements by others too.

eZ publish is open source, right?



Friday 21 November 2003 4:29:29 pm

What's the status of "my ez" right now? I'm looking for something like that too.


-- Mark

Friday 21 November 2003 5:14:01 pm

It turned out that everything is available to do this with templates and recent functionality (bookmarks, preferences, ...)

Look at

For our internal server, quite a few things can be customised and each user has is own are "my site" where he/she can alter preferences (variables) which are used at various places in the templates.

One warning: you'll have to turn off caching in templates where you use user specific preferences and compensate this with "smart" cache blocks which include these preference variables in their keys


Friday 21 November 2003 5:18:22 pm

Oh yeah,

With related objects, you can do much more : just let the user create a dedicated object as a child of his own account or another dedicated user space (node tree). There you can store lots of things in attributes (like keyword lists to use in search fetches to give them custom news lists).

Similar ideas are used in the upcoming 3.3 release for customisation of the demo packages


Friday 28 November 2003 4:05:51 pm

Is there more information available about these user preferences? I'd like to take a good look at it, but with the information I have now, I can't really get started.

Paul, you said that similar ideas are used in version 3.3. Could you be more specific about it?


Friday 05 December 2003 2:12:30 pm


Friday 19 December 2003 2:47:58 pm

And again...

Is there more information available about these user preferences? I'd like to take a good look at it, but with the information I have now, I can't really get started.

Paul, said similar ideas are used in version 3.3. Anyone knows how this works?

Thanx in advance.


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