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Crossed siteaccess + links

Crossed siteaccess + links

Wednesday 21 January 2015 2:30:50 pm - 1 reply


I have several webistes/siteaccess with cross articles

I want to generate a link to an article in the siteaccess B from the siteaccess A 

I have tried the solution found here :

it is working, but the path does not take care of the index_page defined in my yml

for example I have a link like that

instead of

Publications/mywebsiteA has to be automatically deleted, but it's not 

code used :

{{ path( location, {"siteaccess": "siteaccessA"} ) }}


do I miss a parameter somewhere ? 



Sunday 15 March 2015 1:24:58 pm

Hi Fabien. Thank you for the detailed description.

I wouldn't altogether be surprised if there was a bug in that part of the application. It's quite new, and a bit touchy. Which version this is happening with ? If it's a recent one, could you maybe paste/link to your siteaccess configuration, including things about the index_page and related config ?

If it turns out to be a real bug, what you have written here will be a very good basis for a bug report on blunk.gif Emoticon


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