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Custom font color in online editor?

Custom font color in online editor?

Tuesday 28 December 2010 8:40:08 pm - 2 replies


a customer has non-standard requirement to be able to select color of font in XML block when editing content via Online Editor.

I tried playing around with "style" extension of TinyMCE but it doesn't play nicely with eZ - it looks like all style modifications are forgotten after publishing an object.

Does anybody has some recommendation how to achive such goal? One option is to use custom tag but it's not very elegant IMO.

Thursday 30 December 2010 3:59:52 pm

You can look up the file extension/ezoe/design/standard/javascript/themes/ez/editor_template.js. This is a custom theme implemented by eZPublish for the TinyMCE's controls. As I see you could use forecolor, forecolorpicker to specific the font color and related to the font size here is fontsizeselect.

I've never used these controls, but you can give them a chance. Place the above identifiers inside a ezoe.ini override, in the param [EditorLayout]Buttons

Thursday 30 December 2010 6:03:32 pm

We've done something in between: a custom tag plus a custom button that pulls up a dialog only for that custom tag.

As for creating a custom button, you can follow the examples of some of the other plugins in extension/ezoe/design/standard/javascript/plugins to create your own plugin containing the button(s) (and then add the new button(s) to [EditorLayout]Buttons that Bayron refers to above).


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