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Thursday 08 January 2004 10:48:04 am - 3 replies

I am trying to make a user submittion form. Wasn't able to find any document about it. After digging sources got some ideas and found some options about collection. I put such a settings in a collect.ini file

Now its working under Admin user, but for anonymous - not. When i submit form under admin - it shows me list of values which have been sent, under anonymous it gives the same page with empty list.
How to fix the problem? Or can somebody give me a link to a guide or docimentation or smth about this issue?

Thursday 08 January 2004 11:21:42 am

Hi Mikle,
have you checked the user roles?
Login to your admin area, change to users and chose "Roles" from the menu left. I suppose the anonymous user isn't allowed to view or send the form.
If you created a new class for the form you have to allow the anoymous user to read it..
Hope it helps,

Friday 09 January 2004 6:27:08 am

Thanks for yor advice

I tried this, i tried to give all permitions to anonymous user role, the same... Now did a few new tests - it works ok under _any_ registered user, but not for anonymous .

Can comeone give me config example related to information collection (part of ini file), and tell if i have to do any other changes?

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Saturday 14 February 2004 10:38:44 am

Here is an old tutorial for parts of your question.

Greetings ekke


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