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Default page, instead of creating my own

Default page, instead of creating my own

Tuesday 10 June 2003 3:57:10 pm - 12 replies

I've installed ezPublish 3 and it works fine. I've tested the demo-page which also runs smooth. The CMS really works great!

But, before I can really use ezP3, I must have a page of my own of course. I've been browsing this site a few hours now, but I haven't really found what I was looking for.
What I am looking for is a default page, where I only need to change little things (which template to use, etc.). I really want to get started with ezP3, I want a default page where I can change stuff using ezP3. Is this possible?

Tuesday 10 June 2003 7:09:25 pm

if you want to change design of your default page (e.g. in demo) you have to do it in ezPublish instalation directory on your harddrive
its something like
C:Program Files/ez System/
there is directory called "design"
find there demo/templates/pagelayout.tpl
edit it in some html editor
there is one but...
demo has assigned diffrent design for its default page
you can find it here
where X is number of the section which this tamplate represents
you will find it in Admin

check for more info in SDK docs
good luck happy.gif Emoticon

Tuesday 17 June 2003 2:55:16 pm

All right,

I got my own page now. I created it with the SDK documentation (section: Main concepts).

I created the template 'pagelayout.tpl' and the class 'book' with all its attributes.

I can watch my page 'properly'. Not entirely properly, because I don't get a page like the SDK documentation shows. Not at all actually...

A screenshot will clear things up for you:
Visit -

Note: The code in the templates I created is EXACTLY the same as the code shown in the SDK documentation

What to do now? As far as I know, I followed the correct procedures (SDK docs)...

Tnx, Mark

Tuesday 17 June 2003 3:03:07 pm

Did you clear the cache / turn off caching?

Tuesday 17 June 2003 3:34:58 pm

It's turned off :: [ViewCaching=disabled]

Wednesday 18 June 2003 1:20:32 pm

Hi there,

I'm new to eZp3 too and tested my first custom page as it is written in the SDK docu. Everytime I tried I had the same problems as seen in the screenshot.

The problem is, if i recognized it correctly, that the override function doesn't work as it is written in the doku.
Try this: Edit the /design/standard/templates/node/view/full.tpl, delete the code written down and copy the code written in the SDK documentation. You will see, the preview looks like it is discripted in the docu. So I came to the conclusion the override function doesn't work correctly.

I am looking for a fix of the problem quiet some days, next step i will do is to install the demo and read the code line by line to see, if i have forgotten something.

cu, Thomas

Wednesday 18 June 2003 1:27:07 pm

Are you using 3.1 beta 1/2 or 3.0-2?

The override system has changed in 3.1 and the online docs are for the 3.0-2 (as 3.1 is still beta).


Modified on Wednesday 18 June 2003 1:30:14 pm by Karsten Jennissen

Wednesday 18 June 2003 6:59:55 pm

In fact i am using 3.1 beta 2, and it works with the new override system. I still have the problem, that i can see parts of the admin menu, though i am logged out of the admin system, but i think this is because of an error in my pagelayout.tpl.
I will see for it next monday. Thx for the help and good luck to Mark!!

Tuesday 24 June 2003 9:30:04 am

Unfortunately, I'm using 3.0-2...

I've tried the things mentioned above, but it doesn't help. Probably because that is 'written' for version 3.1-x.

Could anyone give me their standard pagelayout.tpl, full.tpl, ..., everything / every file that is needed to get the same result shown in the SDK docs?
I'm thinking, if I get some files that definitely work, then it should work on my system too. If not, my system is weird... sad.gif Emoticon.

Tnx 4 the help so far!

ps; Please mail me ( some correct files, or put them online, so that other users with the 'same' problem can use them too...

Modified on Tuesday 24 June 2003 9:31:28 am by Mark Overduin

Monday 07 July 2003 10:42:31 am

We called ezSystems and got the answer that it is pretty hard to create a page on your own if you're 'new' to ezp3.
They gave us the advice to make your own page 'through' the demo page.
So, alter the demo templates until you have your own page.

Weird, but if it works...

Tuesday 08 July 2003 10:05:12 am

Well, everything is going better now... much better. I'm beginning to really understand how this all is working.

Anyways, another question: I want to create a page within the demo page. In the admin console, I have created a folder (name:testfolder). Within that folder, I have created two other folders (testsubfolder1 & testsubfolder2). Within 'testsubfolder1' I have created two articles.
I changed the top_menu.tpl, now there's a link to 'testsubfolder1' (id:103). The reason why I pointed to a subfolder, was because every menu-item in top_menu.tpl, links to a subfolder.

All right, the 'problem': In design/demo/override/templates/, there are all kinds of pagelayout_*.tpl's. I created a simple one: pagelayout_testfolder.tpl.
But, it does not seem to work; I click the link and I get the description of the subfolder. I think the problem is that 'pagelayout_testfolder.tpl' is not being loaded (I don't see the text I wrote in that template).
Now, I found a file called 'override.ini.append' located in settings/siteaccess/demo/.
I added the following lines to that file:


Section '1', because that's what it says in the admin-console.

Anyways, this still does not work. I get the description of the testsubfolder and a very small part of the admin-console. What to do now?

Thanx, Mark

Tuesday 08 July 2003 10:09:37 am

Even if you have turned caching off, it often works by deleting the var/cache directory.

Tuesday 08 July 2003 10:14:56 am

Yes. It works now. Thanx!! Just have to adjust my template some more and then......... it works! (hopefully big-smile.gif Emoticon)


Modified on Tuesday 08 July 2003 10:20:17 am by Mark Overduin


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