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design from scratch

design from scratch

Sunday 13 April 2008 8:13:07 pm - 3 replies

Hey guys!!!

Can anyone try to help me with the following question? I would like to implement a brand new design for an eZ 4.x website!

I understand how to create a style, and how to change the pagelayout! But I want a short list of simple steps to be able to implement designs as bought from a site called! In other words they do not adhere to the same structure as the css structures from ez system.

most of the tutorials and docs on this subject refer on how to <b>modify</b> existing css structures and apply overrides. I want to create a brand new design layout! Yes i do want to keep thingsa such as the editing toolbar for frontend editing.

What would these simple steps be?

Thanks in advance

Monday 14 April 2008 8:11:08 am


Try this one :

Monday 14 April 2008 4:46:15 pm

Hi! I did look at that tutorial! Actually just before my post! Yet I still have the problem with the modification of an existing style and pagelayout!

You see I want to be able to purchase a template from TemplateMonster or from anywhere else for that matter! And then implement it! Now the new ez 3.x and 4.x has these overriding abilities. Yet in 2.x you used to be able to control the layout from extreme scratch!

The new way seems more tedious - let's say you are really imaginative and the site really should look outstanding with fancy footwork here and there! To do that it would take hours on end! To find each of the css rules for each of the links and so on.

Whereas you could design your own template with your own rules and your own images and slap them on the site. That should take far little time than all this work of overriding each element. Is it not?

I am still battling to create a brand new design from scratch! That is why I asked if anyone could list the steps for what I want to do: <b>purchase a design, and apply it to an ez site</b>!!!

But thanks for the fast response. Very impressive happy.gif Emoticon

Best regards, Mihai

Monday 14 April 2008 6:03:25 pm

Implementing a design is more of a task than just applying the interface. You would have to analyze the design, divide it functionally, plan the caches, plan the line views, think of the navigation etc... I believe starting from a plain_site design is a good idea. You still might have to make up for the layout's author's lack of eZ experience...

Unless you buy a dedicated eZ design implementation, you will have spend the right amount of time to have it done.

Good luck.


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