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Design templates download

Design templates download

Wednesday 02 July 2003 9:58:03 am - 2 replies

I have installed EZ and looked at the demo data, so fare so good. But if I would like and other design on my page, it looks a little complicated. Are there some places where it is possible to download designs for ez?
I can see that a similarly question have been posted but there are no answers to this post. If I can’t download design templates for free are there then some companies/persons there are making designs for ez?


Friday 04 July 2003 4:01:27 pm

I think that if designs are to complex for you, eZ isn't you're right choice. There are other more standarised CMS solutions, less flexible though.

Friday 04 July 2003 4:13:03 pm

Hi Tue,

currently there are no designs to download for ez publish. The reason might be that the system is not designed for simple skinning. I'd say it's too flexible that someone would be motivated enough to make "skins" available.

Having said that, of course, there is a chance that someone might initiate something like that in the future. Until then I encourage you to look into the template language. For standard/easy web sites, there are enough examples in the demo and it is not overly complicated to do the normal things once you get started.

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