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Design templates for PDF exports

Design templates for PDF exports

Friday 05 December 2003 3:47:26 pm - 21 replies


I recently installed ezPublish 3.3.0-1 just to try it out.

I found out that articles (or whatever you select) can be exported to PDF. Very nice!
But is it also possible to create a designtemplate for it? So I can use backgrounds, images, etc. which I can print and 'view the website (or just the news articles) on paper'?
Or, if this feature is not already present (haven't found it), will it be in the future? Or is it possible I create something to make this happen?

- - - - -

Btw, I also tried to install a 'plain' version, but no PDF Export was available. How can I add it manually?

-- Mark

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Friday 19 December 2003 2:37:42 pm


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Sunday 21 December 2003 10:35:32 am

PDF export ist based on Templates, too (info from ez).
These were not included in the 2 beta release (at least, i didn't find them either).

Sunday 21 December 2003 5:47:42 pm


The templates for datatypes are placed under: design/standard/templates/content/datatype/pdf/

The main templates for fetching content and displaying it is : design/standard/templates/node/view/pdf.tpl

A pdf tutorial will be published as soon as possible.

Kåre Høvik

Monday 22 December 2003 10:39:55 am

Kåre, do you have any idea how soon is possible? happy.gif Emoticon

Days, weeks maybe? And on what section of this website can this tutorial be found?


Monday 22 December 2003 10:41:38 am


I'll try to finnish it and publish it today. It'll be available under documentation somewhere. I'll notify you here in this thread as soon as it's available.

Kåre Høvik

Wednesday 24 December 2003 10:06:26 am

Kåre, did you have the time to finish the PDF tutorial?

-- Mark

Tuesday 30 December 2003 10:00:48 am

Did you have time to finish the tutorial?

Friday 02 January 2004 4:11:41 pm


I'm sorry for the delay, but the days before xmas with the 3.2-4 and 3.3 release where quite buisy.

More on the pdf specific template functions will come later, and also see comments in original pdf templates.

Kåre Høvik

Friday 02 January 2004 5:40:51 pm

PDF function documentation is currently being added here :

Kåre Høvik

Friday 02 January 2004 6:35:13 pm

Hi back again, Kaare.
We've been waiting for the PDF docu... but you deserved some holidays blunk.gif Emoticon

Friday 16 January 2004 4:39:56 pm

I followed the PDF tutorial, but I just get plain text in my .pdf files. Changed the size of text in every pdf template, but it still doesn't work...

Here's what I did:
- I created the templates mentioned in the pdf export tutorial
- I placed them under '/design/mydesign/override/templates/content/pdf/'
- Changed the file 'site.ini.append.php' in '/settings/siteaccess/mysiteaccess'
- Changed the values of text size 'everywhere' to check if my 'updates' would take effect. Apparently not... sad.gif Emoticon

In the pdf export tutorial, you (Kåre) refer to classid=9, but that one does NOT exist. So I created a pdf class (which has classid=22, changed it in site.ini.append.php), but I don't really know what kind of fields to put in there...
Anyhow, I don't have a very good feeling about this (the stuff the I'm doing; it should just work).

Could you please help me with this?

Thanx in advance...

-- Mårk

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Friday 23 January 2004 3:52:40 pm


Friday 30 January 2004 2:10:19 pm

And again..... anyone?

Friday 30 January 2004 3:07:07 pm


Is the sited access/design you added the PDF templates for the same site access you're making the PDF export from ?

I added a new feature in trunk in rev. 4942 for generating PDF's on the fly. It's a new view in the content module, and can be accessed using content/pdf/<nodeID>. User roles must be set up just like when using content/edit and content/view.

To get the new feature in 3.3, in the root of your eZ publish installation, run :
svn merge -r 4941:4942

Kåre Høvik.

Friday 06 February 2004 3:28:59 pm

The site access/design is the same site access i'm making the pdf exports from.

I can't seem to run 'svn merge -r 4941:4942'... Probaboy not the right permissions...

Anyways, I'll try to download and install the newest ezPublish, perhaps it 'fixes' the "problem"

-- Mark

Friday 13 February 2004 2:36:07 pm

Hmm, just installed the latest ezPublish release, but still the problem remains... And this class 9, it just doesn't exist. Guess that's why the designtemplates don't work.

Kare, you refer to class 9 in 'override.ini.append'* (in


But, since class 9 does not exist...... How do I create it? Or, if the class exists, but the class id has to be different, please let us know...

-- Mark

(* By the way, the file 'override.ini.append' does not exist in /settings/override/, but it does in /settings/siteaccess/corporate/, (corporate, because I installed a default page). Anyway, should this be the correct path?)

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Monday 16 February 2004 1:27:58 pm


The class numbers in the tutorial is just examples. Please replace them with existing class ID's you would like to create overrides for.

Friday 20 February 2004 2:49:26 pm

>The class numbers in the tutorial is just examples. Please replace them with existing class ID's you would like to create overrides for

Okay. And, do I need to create a new class? I mean, what do I need to do to get these PDF exports to work with a nice design? Please explain it to me, I'd really appreciate it.

-- Mark

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Tuesday 02 March 2004 11:55:04 am


Thursday 04 March 2004 1:30:16 pm

Anyone? I'd really like to get this thing working...

Thanks in advance.

-- Mark


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