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Disable language selection

Disable language selection

Tuesday 13 March 2012 10:57:23 am - 3 replies


A site has an editor with access to the admin siteaccess and has privileges to create articles in english only. When he clicks the "Create new" button in the sub items section he is redirected to the language selection page where english is the only choice ->

What is the prefered way of skipping this step and automatically choosing english?


Tuesday 13 March 2012 3:00:47 pm

Hi Magnus,

i fear that the page you want to skip is mandatory. Because you could also have a version conflict and your editor has to choose what version of the contentobject he want to edit.

Sorry for this very helpful news..

Best Chris

Tuesday 13 March 2012 6:56:59 pm

Is it just one user or many?  You could set up an admin siteaccess with just the one language - but it's not really worth it for one person.  You can also probably override content/edit.tpl to and check accessible languages instead of available languages.

Tuesday 13 March 2012 11:01:05 pm

Hello Magnus,


What you want to do is possible with a little additional effort on your part.

I've written about this many times in the past.


Here is a related forum thread that should help you as it provides detailed specifics on how to do what your asking.

Let us know if you still have further questions!


I hope this helps ...




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