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Displaying object-image attribute in a template

Displaying object-image attribute in a template

Friday 16 May 2003 4:14:37 pm - 2 replies

I have an node_id for an (image) class object, and I want to display the image.

I am working in pagelayout.tpl

This seems like it should be a patheticly simple thing to do, but I just can't see it ! Any ideas or leads to useful documentation?

So far I can
- Display the name of the image object with {$}
- Display the full/line object with {node_view_gui content_node=$Display:item}

However I can't get to the image attribute specifically...I've tried
{attribute_view_gui attribute=$display:item.object.data_map.image}

But I don't think I've got the syntax right.

Many Thanks

Saturday 17 May 2003 4:58:20 pm

I assume that the attribute for the image is called "image"

{$display:item.data_map.image.content[large].full_path} will return the path to the image. Place this inside a <img> tag like this:

<img src={$display:item.data_map.image.content[large].full_path|ezroot} />

change large to medium, small or reference to get different sizes of the image.

BTW: I haven't checked this up, I'm writing just from my memory, but I'm almost 100% sure of the syntax. If this doesn't work let me know and I'll look it up (or use the |attribute(show) function to check how to get the path like this: {$display:item.data_map.image.content[large]|attribute(show)}

Sunday 18 May 2003 9:50:09 am

Thanks enormously! That's it!

Works wonderfully now. happy.gif Emoticon


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