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Displaying size of a binary file

Displaying size of a binary file

Friday 11 June 2004 6:24:26 pm - 1 reply


I'm trying to figure out all the differences between ez publish 3.3 and 3.4 that effect my site and one of the last ones I've got is that the template variable $object.data_map.file.content.filesize not longer works. I used this in ez publish 3.3 to display the size of a binary file in bytes.

I've had a dig around in the $object tree using attribute(show) and I can't find something to tell me the size of my file anywhere.

Does anyone know either

a) where it's moved.
b) if there's a new way to display the size of a file.



Friday 11 June 2004 7:32:27 pm


I did not migrate our 3.3 sites to 3.4 yet, but a vanilla 3.4 installation still uses the same structure, albeit from the $attribute variable passed to dataype view templates:


You cleared accelerator caches?



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