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Downloading file not working

Downloading file not working

Tuesday 03 February 2004 9:56:53 am - 1 reply

I just want to download a file that is attached as a binary file to an article, should be really simple, but its not. I get a "object not found" when trying to get it. Ez is using the ezbinaryfile.tpl to download. The code in it is like this:

<a href={concat("content/download/",$attribute.contentobject_id,"/",$,"/file/",$attribute.content.original_filename)|ezurl}>{$attribute.content.original_filename|wash(xhtml)}</a> {$attribute.content.filesize|si(byte)}

In my template Im just using this code for displaying the link:
{attribute_view_gui attribute=$content_version.data_map.attach1}
which gives me this request-string:
And the well-known "Object not found", the link seems correct though.

I have looked at the sql by enabling sqloutput, and this is what is beeing queried from the db:
SELECT contentobject_attribute_id, version, filename, original_filename, mime_type
FROM ezbinaryfile
WHERE contentobject_attribute_id='2790' AND version='4'
Feb 05 2004 10:08:34
The specified file could not be found."

I run this query directly on the db, and get 1 row back. This contains the following:
contentobject_attribute_id version filename original_filename mime_type
2790 4 phpRmGosZ.xls Premiere-kontakter.xls application/

I look in the file system, and the file is in this location:
, but ezpublish can't find it.

I think ezpublish is using a wrong path to these files, if you know where it is set or have a solution to this, please let me know.


Modified on Thursday 05 February 2004 10:40:31 am by Claus Jensen

Thursday 05 February 2004 1:14:09 pm

Ezpublish had the wrong file storage directory setting in site.ini. Now it works.


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