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Dynamic include in eZ 4.3.0

Dynamic include in eZ 4.3.0

Wednesday 06 October 2010 5:31:43 pm - 2 replies

Can some one explain me why I can't use a variable as include uri?
{def $tmp='design:include/portlets/thumblet.tpl'}
{include uri=$tmp}
{include uri='design:include/portlets/thumblet.tpl'}
The first include doesn't work but the second one does. Strict same strings.
Thank you for helping,

Wednesday 06 October 2010 7:53:30 pm

I missed something with the caches. I still haven't understood. But a --clear-all solve the problem while removing only the specific template cache didn't...

Wednesday 06 October 2010 10:14:30 pm

Adrien, in eZP you have several layers of cache, so maybe you cleared the template cache, but the old data was still cached in some other cache, possibly view cache.

For development siteccess it's recommended to set:


in your site.ini.append.php.


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