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Error: eZTemplateDesignResource::overrideArray

Error: eZTemplateDesignResource::overrideArray

Thursday 01 March 2012 10:59:54 am - 2 replies

Hello Ez Community;

Well, I have installed my ezpublish , i have created my own extension and i have progressed a bit!

in my extension i added all the files from ez webin then i change them and modified them; 

now i have turned on my debug and i see that i have so many error like:

Error: eZTemplateDesignResource:omg.gif EmoticonverrideArray Mar 01 2012 09:32:50
Custom match file: path 'profile.tpl' not found in any 
resource. Check the template settings in settings/override.ini
Error: eZTemplateDesignResource:omg.gif EmoticonverrideArray tried files
extension/ezgast/design/.../override/templates/profile.tpl, extension/ezwebin/design/ezwebin/override/templates/profile.tpl, design/base/override/templates/profile.tpl, extension/ezmultiupload/design/standard/override/templates/profile.tpl, extension/ezjscore/design/standard/override/templates/profile.tpl, extension/ezodf/design/standard/override/templates/profile.tpl, extension/ezstarrating/design/standard/override/templates/profile.tpl, extension/ezgmaplocation/design/standard/override/templates/profile.tpl, extension/ezflow/design/standard/override/templates/profile.tpl, extension/ezie/design/standard/override/templates/profile.tpl, extension/ezoe/design/standard/override/templates/profile.tpl, extension/ezwt/design/standard/override/templates/profile.tpl, design/standard/override/templates/profile.tpl


and its just first two lines!

Can someone help me how to solve it?

Thanx a lot happy.gif Emoticon

Modified on Thursday 01 March 2012 11:21:32 am by Yara lo

Thursday 01 March 2012 11:57:32 am


For people who have the same problem:


I resolved my problem using this link


I copied the override.ini from an ezwebin siteaccess from other ez installation!

Cheers! happy.gif Emoticon

Tuesday 27 May 2014 10:04:30 pm

thanks for sharing your solution after finding it!


it helped me too!


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