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Extended Searchoptions

Extended Searchoptions

Sunday 11 April 2010 5:19:03 pm - 4 replies

I've just started to work with eZPublish for a upcoming project and there are a few questions around some solutions included in eZ.

At first I want to build a travel site where the user can define some values (travel by car or by bus/ rating for hotel...). This form should access a database of content objects (the different travels/hotels) and should show some defined fields of the entry(s) that fit to the search. Is this easy to build with eZ Publish itself or with eZFind?

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Monday 12 April 2010 11:38:52 am

Hi Moritz and welcome to the eZ Community,

Your description sounds like a sort of advanced search, and yes, you can achieve this type of things with eZ Find, very easily. While your description is short for a whole project, you may want to give us some more insight so that we can elaborate!

Cheers and talk soon,

Monday 12 April 2010 6:45:17 pm

Hey Nicolas,

thanks for your fast reply. I just wanted to outline the main technical aspects of the project to keep the answer simple.

I'm planning to have a database where i add some project data (entries of tours). Therefore I need some additional tables that include the linked data such as the hotels/ the type of tour/ the countrys...

Thats kind of the backend of the project. In the frontend i would like to have this advanced search. In this search there are some fields to choose like the country/type of tour. I think this type of search does only include some fields and options of the database and should not be something like a free search. The german site "" is one example of such kind of search form. I hope this additional information can help you to rate the practicability in combination with eZ.

Tuesday 13 April 2010 12:34:44 pm

Hi Moritz,

If i understand correctly it is all about integrating third-party data. Given the need for a proper search on the latter, one working recipe can be the following :

Hope this helps a bit!

Modified on Tuesday 13 April 2010 12:36:26 pm by Nicolas Pastorino

Friday 16 April 2010 7:32:20 pm


thank you for your help and your detailed description.

I will try the solutions and report my status in this thread.


Modified on Friday 16 April 2010 7:32:38 pm by Moritz F


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