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EZ 2014.11 config LDAP, ignored in not legacy full mode

EZ 2014.11 config LDAP, ignored in not legacy full mode

Friday 09 October 2015 3:00:25 pm - 1 reply


First of all , sorry for my English is not excellent.

I have a problem with EZ Community 2014.11.

I have a new installation with an Apache vhost that points to /web. Normaly, i am not in legacy full mode.

I have configured LDAP authentication and it works perfectly since the admin interface.

However, it does not work from the front end.

Curiously, if I go into full legacy mode ( vhost that points to /ezpublish_legazy ) LDAP authentication works well.It is not an ldap configuration problem.

When I point to /web , he ignores my config (site.ini and ldap.ini).Do you have an idea ?
Thanks in advance
Best regards</span>

Tuesday 27 October 2015 8:20:31 pm

Hi, maybe it's the same issue I had here. You have to inject site.ini and ldap.init from Symfony stack.


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