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ez 5.4 - define css files by siteaccess

ez 5.4 - define css files by siteaccess

Tuesday 20 January 2015 12:25:43 pm - 6 replies

Hi ,  I have one instance of ezpublish with a lot of siteaccess on it.

I would like to define which css files are loaded per siteaccess 

how can I do that ?



Tuesday 20 January 2015 6:05:28 pm

Hello Fabien,

If your using legacy templates you can easily do what your asking about!

In fact eZ Publish / eZ Webin does this by default and has done so for quite some time.

You will want to learn from a default eZ Publish & eZ Webin installation (sorry can't link to installed settings files in this case for examples).

Do a test installation and review the settings in: settings/siteaccess/ezwebin_site_user/design.ini.append.php

You will find that there is a settings block (array) called: 


This is used in the default ezwebin page head templates to load css files.

Remember to use FrontendCSSFileList and not CSSFileList (as this is deprecated).

And again these design.ini settings can be set per siteaccess which provides for the feature your asking about.

I hope this helps! 


Modified on Tuesday 20 January 2015 6:06:32 pm by // Heath

Wednesday 21 January 2015 9:23:31 am

Hi Fabien,

in eZ5, the quick and (not that) dirty way is to use the global twig variable ezpublish.siteaccess to include the right assets. Alternatively, you could define a service to provide the right asset lists according to current siteaccess and define it as a global Twig helper.


Hope this helps.



Wednesday 21 January 2015 2:21:43 pm


@Heath : no legacy for me happy.gif Emoticon

@Benjamin : if you use the global twig variable, I don't think you can use in in a {% stylesheet...%} block, as the links to the assets has to be a constant

I will think about it a little more 



Wednesday 21 January 2015 2:31:37 pm

Well, what I thought of was something like this (probably non working code):

{% if == 'first' %}

<link href="{{asset('bundles/site/css/first.css')}}" />

{% else if == 'second' %}

<link href="{{asset('bundles/site/css/second.css')}}" />

{% endif %}

Hence the "quick and dirty" remark.

Wednesday 21 January 2015 2:44:19 pm

ah ok blunk.gif Emoticon

I have developped an override system for the page_head by siteacess.

So i will put my css files list into each one, but as it was directly possible in the ez 4.x version, i was wondering if it was possible with ez5.

I have more than 45 siteaccess, so the "if" thing would be .. terrible ... happy.gif Emoticon

thanks for your help

Wednesday 21 January 2015 2:53:58 pm

If you're using 5.4, you can list your CSS files in semantic configuration, inject it in a service and return it as a global variable in a twig extension


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