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eZ Newsletter VS CJW Newsletter

eZ Newsletter VS CJW Newsletter

Tuesday 04 May 2010 12:43:48 am - 10 replies


Sorry to ask my question here but the forum of the extension eZ Newsletter seems a little sleepy blunk.gif Emoticon

I never used one of these 2 extensions and I would like to know (quickly):

  • the difference between them ?
  • which one would you advise me to install with ezp 4.3.0 ?
  • are these two extensions going to continue to be simultaneously developed or one is going to replace the other ?

Thanks of sharing your experience.


Wednesday 19 May 2010 9:59:03 am

The cjw newsletter is currently under certification. Their are some issues regarding the new admin2 interface. The cjw newsletter will be the follower of the old ez newsletter and will be supported by ez systems in the future.

So i would use the cjw_newsletter - of course i am the main developer blunk.gif Emoticon

The differences of ez old <=> cjw_newsletter

The cjw_newsletter has a better code base and it is easy to install on an existing ez system. The old one has a lot of ini settings ...


Tuesday 06 July 2010 10:42:53 am

I have just installed the newsletter on 4.3

Is there any documents for using the newsletter?

How about the user interface? Do we have to make our own templates for them?



Tuesday 06 July 2010 11:11:09 am

Hi Pirou,

At the moment we are working on the userinterface for admin2. But it is not so easy because the admin2 of ez 4.3 differs from the upcoming admin2 in ez 4.4. Our goal is to have a cjw_newsletter version ready for admin2 when ez is releasing ez4.4.

> Is there any documents for using the newsletter?

At the moment no tutorial is available but the main steps are descriped in INSTALL.


Thursday 15 July 2010 12:00:26 pm

Hi Felix

Thanks for your reply.

I am still trying to familiarize myself with your newsletter. I think it is much better and easier to use than eznewsletter.

Can a user subscribe from the user interface?



Thursday 15 July 2010 12:02:41 pm

Hi Felix

We are in the process of installing and developing a newsite based on cjw. Any documentation would be highly appreciated (German is fine!) - we spend a lot of time on trial and error.... We have some specific questions:

1. Is the cjw newsletter only intended as a (mail) newsletter - and not as a "news site" at the same time. What I mean is: we want to make a mail newsletter and at the same time use the objects to be displayed on a public website. We cannot find any public templates. What we have done is the following: We have made public templates and added the entries in our general public override.ini. This works fine, but I would have preferred to have kept every within the extension.That is if you had a newsletter_public override.ini and an admin_newsletter override.ini

2. Why are templates located both in "newsletter" and in "standard"?

3. Subscription: Even if your newsletter is only intended as a mail newsletter, you will need to have the subscription added to a public webpage. But we can find no such template. We have tried to make a public subscribe page (simply by copying the content of subscribe.tpl to a public template).
We are uncertain as to what rights should be added to the anonymous user in order to get this to work: If I only give anonymous access to section "cjw newsletter" I get "acces denied". I then tried (just to se how it works....) to give anonymous all rights to everything - but when I try to sign up for a newsletter I get Fatal error: db error log says:

[ Jul 15 2010 09:38:50 ] [] eZTemplate:ezini:
No such variable 'EmailSubjectPrefix' in group 'NewsletterMailSettings' for cjw_newsletter.ini
[ Jul 15 2010 09:38:51 ] [] eZTemplate:ezini:
No such variable 'EmailSubjectPrefix' in group 'NewsletterMailSettings' for cjw_newsletter.ini
[ Jul 15 2010 08:07:09 ] [] Timing Point: Module start 'newsletter'
[ Jul 15 2010 08:07:09 ] [] error/view.php:
Error ocurred using URI: /newsletter/subscribe

Your template for subscription seems to work from the concept that you only want one subscription page where you can choose from the current newsletter items in the system. But we want specific pages or included objects on other pages so that you on the page of each newsletter can subscribe to the specific newsletter only. In order to do that I guess we will have each time we want a specific subscription to make a new template and an entry in our override.ini for (an empty) object in order to make people subscribe. A suggestion: why not make the subscription an object instead of an admin template

Greeting Helle

Thursday 15 July 2010 12:28:14 pm

To reply to part our own question no. 3: We discovered that there were specific settings for the newsletter in the role - now we can get subscription to work. And when we copied (made sym links to the newsletter.ini from all our siteaccess) it works


Thursday 15 July 2010 2:16:47 pm

Hi Felix

We got the subscription work from the user interface

Tuesday 17 August 2010 10:35:06 am

Hi Felix

We still have some troubles with roles.

As an administrator I of course have all the rights I need, but I have tried to give acess to all newsletter items to one of my editors. I have given all rights to newsletter and I have given right to edit, create and remove all classes/sections related to our newsletter. But the following does not work:

- nesletter overview

- Last 10 actions

Any solution?

I further wonder how I should give different people access to different newsletter??


Tuesday 17 August 2010 3:39:33 pm

Hi Helle,

thank's for you feedback.

I have fixed this already in the current cjw_newsletter version which is not published yet.

For the overview page i have now a new right newsletter/index so it should work. If you want to test this version please send me a email

You can give access to different newsletter over the normal rights of ez because they are just content objects blunk.gif Emoticon. Rights for newsletter sending ... you can only set globaly may be we improve this in the future.


Friday 17 September 2010 1:24:12 pm

Hi again

We just discoved that in order to change the email subject of the email with the newsletter and the reply mail you have to set this up in the newsletter ini file.

To us this is a very inconvenient solution since we want to use the newsletter function for many different newsletters from different departments: different design (that is easily changed in the skins), but also with different e mail header ans different reply email adresses.

Any solutions as to how we can solve this?

If we look at the newsletter object it looks as if there are several settings here for the individual newsletter, but none of these works (at least not in our installation):

Newsletter output formats: HTML

Approve subscription after user registration?:No

Email sender:

Email sender name: (Helle)

Email receiver test:

The email sender and name is taken from the ini file, the output format is both html and txt, and the user has to approve subscription


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