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Ez Publish and auto classifieds

Ez Publish and auto classifieds

Monday 08 July 2013 9:42:47 pm - 1 reply

Hi everybody !

I created this topic because I need to make an auto classifieds website (suply and demand), a little like this site http://www.dupropriauto.com/en, and I choose ez publish v 4.3 for this. The thing is, I can't find on this forum or on google how to make this kind of website with this CMS. Can someone help me or say me where I can find a tutorial ? I don't know ez publish but I'm familiar with PHP.



Saturday 13 July 2013 4:19:20 pm

Hey Mornaloce, 

why did you choose 4.3 ? Is there any reason to choose this 'outdated' version? 

If you understood you correct, you don't want to implement a shop or something.

I guess there are no tutorials available fitting exactly to your needs (like there is no good recipe as long as you don't change it). Here is what you should get familiar with to realize your project: 

  1. - siteaccesses
  2. - templating 
  3. - content object classes (use custom builts)
  4. - eZFind

This is a very general step toward you're goal. The web is full of howto's about those topics and if you still need help, post your questions here. 

And when you're ready we are excited like hell how your results look! 

Cheers Chris


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