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EZ publish and Dreamweaver cs4

EZ publish and Dreamweaver cs4

Monday 15 February 2010 5:26:22 pm - 1 reply

I always used Dreamweaver (now cs4) for creating layouts and edited locally with dreamweaver - never used a CMS that did a programmer. Now I would like to use open source CMS on my own. If I have my own design and would like to manage/edit etc. with EZ CMS, what are the steps to make them communicate.

Monday 15 February 2010 8:55:12 pm

Hi Alans,

eZ relies on a set of template files, css files and more (images, javascript). Check out /design/standard/ in a default eZ install to get an idea on the file structure of an eZ design/theme.

Now for Dreamweaver; I'm not sure what you mean by "making them communicate" but changing a design in eZ usually means altering one or more of those template files. This can be done with Dreamweaver (DW), there is actually a DW extension for this, see I'm not sure if this still works in recent DW versions though, the extension might be outdated.

There is also documentation available about the templates. See

If my reply does now answer your questions, please elaborate and we'll try to give you more information on templates.

Regards Robin


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