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ezCalendar or Agenda

ezCalendar or Agenda

Thursday 17 June 2004 8:16:08 pm - 2 replies

I am trying to find a way to have an events calendar on my ezpublish 3.4 site, however the calendar in the blog section is not capabale of such a task. I have tried to use both the ezCalendar and Agenda add-ons but the documentation for them gives little to no instructions on how to install and integrat them, for example: do they require the creation of new content classes? Bottom-line: I need help on installing and using them.

Much Appreciated,

Friday 18 June 2004 12:55:06 am


I have tried both, the Agenda and the EZ calendar in EZ 3.3. Based on that I would recommend using the agenda for the event calendar. However, both can accomplish the task, but with the EZ (Blog) calendar I had to have the date as the name of the event. And that gave all my events timestamp as their name.. I.e. 123412423. Both require making an new content class, if you are using EZ 3.3, I have not tried EZ 3.4 so I can not speak of that.

Good luck.. I find lots of people are interested in the EZ event calendar, I am also helping another guy via. email.


Friday 18 June 2004 10:25:24 pm


Thank you for your help and comments. They are much appreciated.



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