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eZImage datatype - Possible to make "Alternative image text" required?

eZImage datatype - Possible to make "Alternative image text" required?

Tuesday 03 May 2011 7:42:22 am - 1 reply

Hi all

I'm wondering if it's possible to make the "Alternative image text" component of the eZImage datatype a required field. It would only be required if an image is added.

The use case is a general one where you need to produce an accessible site and all images must have alt text.

I've had a poke around the codebase but it doesn't seem possible.

It would be good to know

  1. if this is possible?
  2. if anyone else has the requirment


Tuesday 03 May 2011 8:26:18 am

What about using a content edit handler?

Serwatka wrote a blog entry about it:

(but it seems his site is currently down)


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