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ezMail, ezCalendar etc.

ezMail, ezCalendar etc.

Wednesday 26 March 2003 3:51:45 am - 4 replies

for ezPublish 3 are there similar functions, or modules to the modules of ezPublish2.2.X like ezMail and ezCalendar?

or ezPublish is stricly a CMS and e-commerce solution, for now?

Wednesday 26 March 2003 10:44:32 am

I would like to see a list of what ez plans to do in future releases, so the user community can decide which way to go to develop features that are "missing"

In any case, this release is a huge step forward for ezp, in spite of some quirks (bugs) still floating around in 3.0

I'll have a special dinner tonight happy.gif Emoticon


Wednesday 26 March 2003 11:27:56 am

Dear eZ publish community.

We have just release eZ publish 3.0, putting behind us 1,5 years of hard work and strong focus. But the development does not stop here, we are ready to invest lots of time and resources into future develoment.

We have takent this first step mainly by ourselves,( with good feedback from our community, customers and partners of coursehappy.gif Emoticon ), to show you our basic ideas and concepts of the future of eZ publish. But the next steps we want to do close together with our community. We want to be very open in directions and plan, and be available for our community. We will listen to you and we hope you want to help us with your comments, feedback, bugreports, code and other contributions.

We do already have a long list of new features for future eZ publish releases, and we are sure you have the same. The next days we will go through these and make a preliminary list of focus and goals for the next major release. In this period we would appreciate your feedback to your wishes to eZ publish (send an email to Once we have made this list, we will announce it at for your comments and feedback. Based on this feedback we will make a decision about the priority for the next release of eZ publish, which we of course will publish on

We will also strive to inform you about the status of our development with status reports and you can also get access to our development version at SVN.

We have have also launched some new community functionality at our new website, but we will further develop this together with our community. Please give us feedback on what we can to to improve the community activities.

"We believe that by working together, with an open mind, sharing information and knowledge we can accomplish great things"

So please join us in our common effort to accomplish great thingshappy.gif Emoticon

Aleksander Farstad
eZ systems

Wednesday 26 March 2003 7:50:17 pm

the same thing people are complaining about in the forums and in the bug reports : full postgresql support. there are some grave errors in your postgresql queries which will make everything unuseable. ok, you tested it with version 7.2.x but these releases are rather outdated.

but i fear, that you aren?t able to make the current code pgsql 7.3.x compatible as it would require some serious changes in the whole systems. if you build queries, you would always have to specify which data type it is in the db.

Thursday 27 March 2003 12:48:42 pm

We will make suport for postgresql 7.3.x asap. You should not fear.

Modified on Thursday 27 March 2003 1:57:03 pm by Sergiy Pushchin


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