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eznavigation and the content object "user"

eznavigation and the content object "user"

Saturday 29 March 2003 1:19:51 pm - 1 reply

It is impossible to activate the user-tab in the admin console. Thus, you cannot access functions like role customization via the ezp3 admin UI. The reason for this is the incorrect use of eznavigationpart-flags in the admin-template. When you press the tab link to browse the user listing, you actually request a listing of content objects and make ezp choose the ez-content-navigationpart-flag. There has to be done something about it. For the time being, you may help yourself by placing the following code snippet somewhere in your /kernel/content/module.php:

$ViewList["user"] = array(
"functions" => array( 'read' ),
"default_navigation_part" => 'ezusernavigationpart',
"script" => "view.php",
"params" => array( "ViewMode", "NodeID", "LanguageCode" ),
"unordered_params" => array( "language" => "Language",
"offset" => "Offset" )

This opens the possibility to navigate URLs of the type /content/user/node_id, using the view-module function as in normal content/view/... operations, but with the difference that the chosen navigation part points to users and not to ordinary content objects.

In addition to the code enhancement described above, you have to edit two admin-templates, i.e.




Replace the odd URL /content/view/full/5/ in both files with the new one

You are done.

Saturday 29 March 2003 2:37:06 pm

If you can't reach the user functions in the admin it just means that the site isn't correctly setup (or has old data). Here's how you get proper user navigation.

1. Create a user section, or if one exists edit it.
2. Set the navgiation part to user for the section.
3. Assign the section to the root of the user tree, for now you have to change the url to /content/browse/5 to get to the user tree when the browser appears.


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