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ezpaypal problems

ezpaypal problems

Monday 24 October 2005 12:54:39 am - 2 replies

I've tried to setup the ezpaypal extension according to the documentation found at

The money is transferred on Paypal, and everything is ok on that end. However, ez doesn't seem to register what's going on. After having tried to connect three times, it displays this message: "We did not get a confirmation from the payment server.
Please contact the owner of the webshop and provide your order ID:15"

The order listing in the admin interface show no orders, but manually typing in http://<url>/index.php/shop_admin/shop/orderview/15
lists the details for the order.

Has anyone got a clue about what's going on here?

Tuesday 26 March 2013 2:19:27 pm

I'm getting the same problem.

Please can anyone shed some light on this? Is it a change with paypal that's affecting it?

Sunday 07 April 2013 6:59:04 am

Have you configured IPN at PayPal?


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