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Ezurl .. strange error !

Ezurl .. strange error !

Wednesday 21 May 2003 6:51:41 pm - 3 replies

i had post befor about path error, i tho that i had done something bad with php code, but i got strange thing with ezurl , look to this code :

{section name=Path loop=$module_result.path offset=2}>
{section show=$Path:item.url}
<a href="{concat($Path:item.url,"/"|ezurl)}">{$Path:item.text|wash}</a>
{delimiter} > {/delimiter}

now, with this code the link must look like this :
base on the browsed node id

but is always give me the last url for all links, and when i remove ezurl i get the reall links, the right liks, any1 know whay this happening ?

with ezurl i get bad link, without work fine !

Wednesday 21 May 2003 7:42:35 pm

I think this will work if you change to this
<a href="{$Path:item.url|ezurl}">{$Path:item.text|wash}</a>
or using concat
<a href="{concat($Path:item.url,"/"blunk.gif Emoticon|ezurl}">{$Path:item.text|wash}</a>

Hope this resolve you problem

Wednesday 21 May 2003 9:20:16 pm

thx .. now is working blunk.gif Emoticon

Wednesday 24 September 2003 2:31:19 am

You could have fixed it by removing the "quotes" on your href:
<a href={concat($Path:item.url,"/"|ezurl)}>

That worked for me happy.gif Emoticon


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