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fetch subfolders and list content problem

fetch subfolders and list content problem

Thursday 03 July 2003 11:48:46 am - 1 reply

Hi all!

I've done (something like) the following:

{let folder_list=fetch(content,list,hash(parent_node_id,2,sort_by,array(array(priority))))}

{section name=Folder loop=$folder_list}
<b>{$}</b>:<br />
{let sub_folder_list=fetch(content,list,hash(parent_node_id,$Folder:item.node_id,sort_by,array(array(priority))))}

{section name=SubFolder loop=$Folder:sub_folder_list}
-{$}<br />



This works allright, but I want to list out the contents, as done with the line_class_2.tpl, not only the names.

How can do this?

Any help appreciated!


Thursday 03 July 2003 2:05:12 pm

Will this help?
{children=fetch('content','list',hash(parent_node_id,$node.node_id,sort_by,$node.sort_array,limit,$page_limit,offset,$view_parameters.offset)) }

{section name=Child loop=$children sequence=array(bglight,bgdark)}
{node_view_gui view=line content_node=$Child:item}

{let grandchildren=fetch('content',list,hash(parent_node_id,$Child:item.node_id, 'sort_by',array("name", true())))}
{section name=Grand loop=$:grandchildren}
{node_view_gui view=line content_node=$:item}<br />


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