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Fetching nodes with the same grandparent

Fetching nodes with the same grandparent

Tuesday 08 July 2003 3:18:59 pm - 2 replies

I have organized employees in three different folders (their department):

Department 1
>Employee A
>Employee B

Department 2
>Employee C

Department 3
>Employee D

On my page I want to show all the employees, regardless of their department.

I know that if I wanted to sort by department I could do three fetches, but I want to list all the employees sorted by their last name.

I tried to do like this: hash(parent_node_id,array(1,2,3),....) but that didn't work.

How can I do it?


Modified on Tuesday 08 July 2003 3:37:47 pm by Lars Arne Brekken

Tuesday 08 July 2003 3:53:53 pm

try :


Tuesday 08 July 2003 3:57:18 pm

Thanks, that worked!

Does 0 mean of infinite depth?



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