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Fetching only certain nodes

Fetching only certain nodes

Monday 21 July 2003 9:24:30 pm - 8 replies

I am implementing in 3.1

I read this piece of documentation with horror:

Does this mean that I can't access and sort objects based on values of their properties until I get 3.2 ?

Downloading a more or less stable dev. branch is not what I wanna do at this moment - I am too far with my project, but I may have to do it. I had never imagined that filtering and sorting wasn't possible.

Plz tell me that I am wrong - plz !!!

Which files are responsible for the template function 'fetch' ? Maybe I could just pull them from the repository - is that an option ?

I have a suggestion - why not have a 'pitfall' page - detailing things that are not yet implemented - but are so common that nobody would ever think they could be missing ?

I know I sound disappointed - and I am. But I can see the scope of the ez project - it's rather large. And I do respect that things take time to implement. But filtering and sorting ? Man - this is a burner...

Monday 21 July 2003 10:41:20 pm

You're right. This is not implemented in 3.1, you need 3.2 to be able to do this.

You can always patch this backwards, but I would rather recommend waiting for the 3.2 release.


Monday 21 July 2003 11:30:36 pm

Thnx - sorry for sounding so negative, I really enjoy working with the new eZPub

I can't wait for the 3.2 release - I have a deadline in a week, so I'll have a go at patching - could you give me a hint as to where the fetch function is implemented ?

Tuesday 22 July 2003 11:09:48 am


are you talking about the possibility to sort objects on the basis of some of their attributes, for example by one element of an Enum?
Did I understand it right or is my English just too bad?

In case, I would also be very interested how you can do that in eZ Publish. thx

Tuesday 22 July 2003 1:51:07 pm

Yes that's it

If you go there you can read about filtering and sorting with the fetch function.

As it is right now (3.1) you can only sort on the generic attributes that all objects have such as name - publish date etc... If you want to sort or filter by some custom attribute (like the value of an enum field) you will have to use 3.2.

I've tried to locate the php files that implements the fetch function. It might be possible to patch the 3.2 functionality into 3.1.. But I can't find them - still searching though.

Wednesday 23 July 2003 2:07:02 pm

Did you have any succuss with this?

Wednesday 23 July 2003 5:59:49 pm

Not yet - I will post here as soon as I do

meanwhile - dear someone: Which files are responsible for the template function 'fetch' ?

Modified on Wednesday 23 July 2003 8:29:50 pm by Esben Maaløe

Thursday 24 July 2003 11:06:14 am

Generally you can find the functions/parameters for "fetch" in /kernel/content/function_definition.php, for example the function "list" links to /kernel/content/ezcontentfunctioncollection.php ...

Friday 25 July 2003 12:43:03 am

I've been hard at work with images and other stuff - so as of yet - no luck on my side... any luck on yours ?


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