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Fetching the enum object value

Fetching the enum object value

Thursday 02 October 2003 10:33:08 am - 2 replies

I want to use the value of an enum datatype in a switch operator... so far I figured out access to the object with $content_version.data_map.<attribute_name>.content, but how do I access the actual value?

Thursday 02 October 2003 11:02:00 am

Hi Sander,

This can be found in ezenum.tpl. I have changed the example to show enumvalue not enumelement that is in the original file.

{section name=EnumObjectList loop=$attribute.content.enumobject_list sequence=array(bglight,bgdark)}
{$EnumObjectList:item.enumvalue|wash(xhtml)}<br />

Thursday 02 October 2003 2:22:05 pm

use attribute_view_gui instead. That's exactly, what that function is for, namly displaying an objects attribute - and you don't need to care, what type it is.


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