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Force move to index.html to load frameset

Force move to index.html to load frameset

Wednesday 11 June 2003 11:46:07 am - 3 replies

Hi all!

I need to use a frameset, and it works allright except for this problem:

When I go to the URL (e.g. I land on index.php and not on index.html (which contains the frameset).

I've tried many (more or less funny) versions of rewrite-rules, but I can't get rid of this problem.

Any help would be appreciated..


Modified on Wednesday 11 June 2003 11:46:26 am by Felix Laate

Wednesday 11 June 2003 8:50:43 pm

Is it your own server? Are you allowed to use .htaccess?

Wednesday 11 June 2003 10:25:14 pm

Yes it is.. happy.gif Emoticon

Monday 16 June 2003 9:36:37 am

I put my solution (even though it's not a great one) here:

I made two subdomains www and publish and put the frames into one and ez into the other. Works like a dream, but has obvious disadvantages..

happy.gif Emoticon Felix


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