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Form Collecting and Feedback Email Issue

Form Collecting and Feedback Email Issue

Monday 05 December 2011 12:07:12 pm - 3 replies

Hello i have used the ezpub tutorial to build an individual form!
When the form ist send, i don't get the feedback site. in Backend i get ths collect informationen and an email ist send but without content. Can anybody help me with this issue !
Can see it here

Please can anybody help!
in error log i get this:

[ Dec 05 2011 11:51:56 ] [] eZTemplate @ extension/let/design/let/templates/page_header.tpl:34[0]:
No such attribute for array(10): billboard
Choose one of following: form_name, form_introduction, form_company,
                         form_lastname, form_email, form_telephone,
                         form_callback, form_fax, form_message, form_email_recipient
[ Dec 05 2011 11:52:18 ] [] eZTemplate:
No such attribute for array(11): content_info
Choose one of following: content, section_id, node_id, view_parameters,
                         navigation_part, path, title_path, is_default_navigation_part,
                         ui_context, ui_component, uri
[ Dec 05 2011 11:52:18 ] [] eZTemplate @ extension/let/design/let/templates/page_header.tpl:34[0]:
Cannot retrieve attribute of a NULL
[ Dec 05 2011 11:54:40 ] [] eZContentObject::fetch():
Object not found (1)

Monday 05 December 2011 1:55:32 pm

Hello Phil,

#0, Can you share the link to the article / guide / howto you seem to indicate you followed to create this information collection form object?

  • This would help us better understand the problems you are encountering.

#1, I tested the link you shared to the examples site and I find I was able to normally submit successfully a collected information form for storage and redirection.

#1.1, I believe this means that the information was correctly stored, though the current siteaccess design templates seem to prevent the results from being displayed correctly (ie: above url accessible but no content displayed) 

#2, You seem to have template syntax usage errors in this custom template, 'extension/let/design/let/templates/page_header.tpl'

#2.1, You might consider posting your template source code (to the page_header.tpl template the content/collectedinfo/ template and the content/collectedinfoemail/ template perhaps) as a Gist or pastebin and link to them in your forum posts.

#2.2 I think you may also need a custom template override based on one of the following templates,

#2.3 Remember that this is (in part) controlled by collect.ini settings,


I hope this helps ...




Modified on Monday 05 December 2011 2:08:06 pm by // Heath

Monday 05 December 2011 2:23:00 pm


I use this Tutorial and work through step by step!
Can i see where there Error in header is exactly!


Here the files:






My seetings/override/collect.ini

 <?php /*
# Matches class id or identifier to information collection type
# Matches class id or identifier to information collection type
# SendEmailList[poll]=disabled
# result  - Display IC result, for instance poll result or your form data
# redirect - Redirect to a specific url
# node    - Redirect back to content node
# Matches class id or identifier to information collection type
# if enabled then information from anonymous users can be collected
# CollectAnonymousData=enabled
# Same as CollectAnonymousData but is a list of IC types and
# their override settings, if specified it will override default setting
# How information collection is handled in terms of user identification
# multiple - each user can submit multiple datashare
# unique   - one set of data per user, if already exists give a warning
# overwrite - one set of data per user but new entry overwrites old one
# Matches class id or identifier to information collection type
 */ ?>

Modified on Monday 05 December 2011 2:30:08 pm by phil saelzer

Monday 05 December 2011 4:46:52 pm

Hello Phil,

Based on the great reply full of information you shared above (thank you) ...

I would think that you would want to rename the template file 'contactform.tpl' to 'kontaktformular_form.tpl'

Also you would want to rename the template file 'content/collectedinfoemail/feedback.tpl' to 'content/collectedinfoemail/kontaktformular.tpl'.

Also you would want to rename the template file 'content/collectedinfo/form.tpl' to 'content/collectedinfo/kontaktformular.tpl'.


Remember to clear all caches and try to test the form/email again.

I hope this helps ...




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