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form/process 'Access denied'

form/process 'Access denied'

Friday 31 October 2003 7:23:27 am - 3 replies


I am having difficulties trying to assign access to the anonymous user to submit forms (feedback form in this case). Upon submission of the form the anon user gets the 'Access denied' page. If I login as admin then the mail gets sent and all is sweet&dandy.

For testing purposes I have assigned the full rights to the anon user, eg:

Module | Function | Limitations
* | * | *

but still nothing!! this i find bizarre...

I am sure others must have had trouble assigning the correct rights for this kind of action.

Any idea on how to do this??


Sunday 02 November 2003 10:19:14 am

for me, the anonymous user should be able to read content. yet i get access denied even on basic content reading. though i have:
content * *

not sure what the problem is..

Friday 14 November 2003 9:36:23 am

I'm having the same problem. Is there anybody out there who knows how to solve this?

Friday 14 November 2003 10:05:07 am

I had a similar problem. I didnt see the new options in site.ini after upgrade from Ez 32-323.

Have you read this forum:

# Whether the form module is allowed or not
# The form is by design insecure so don't enable unless you know
# what you are doing.


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