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frontpage slideshow

frontpage slideshow

Monday 12 April 2010 3:32:54 pm - 3 replies

hi all,

I want to install a frontpage slideshow like the one on the frontpage of
I found a lot of things like "frontpage slideshow" (joomla work), jquery applications,etc..., but got no idea how to install it on ezpublish (4.2)... (didn't found any tutorial...)
Does someone know any other similar solution ?
May be working with XML (in order to get my rss feeds) ?

May be an eZ extension to install directly ??

thanks for your help !


Monday 12 April 2010 5:57:35 pm

I was searchin for the same and dit it myself after finding no solution for this.

Just to help you, how you could do it on a "Frontpage" for an ezflow installation:
1. Find a good slideshow script that fit your needs. I use a jquery based script --> Include the script into ezpublish
2. Depending on your requirements, extend the classes you want to use for the slider. I extended the "Article" class in order to use a different image and a special text for the Slider.
3. Define and generate a Slider "Block" for ezflow, which handles the Slider script.
4. Go to the ezFlow Frontpage and add the Slider Block to a zone.
5. Add some Articles with integrated Slider Content to the Block, and watch the Slider sliding.

This solution requires understanding of developing on ezPublish and knowledge of javascript or rather jquery.

Tuesday 13 April 2010 12:13:55 pm

Hello guys,

there is one block type in eZ Flow which may help you : Multimedia carousel (displayed on the frontpage of a stock eZ Flow install). It seems to bring the backend logic you looked for, and "just" nedes to be styled-up, using templates.


Sunday 22 July 2012 12:32:42 pm

What if you don't use ez flow?

I tried creating a frontpage.tpl with the slideshow cycle jquery code but when i upload the images into the admin the image class takes over and inserts image divs. That stops the slideshow from working.

Is there a way to upload images through the admin so it doesn't add these tags when displaying the image?


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